November 17, 2011

Orange November.

What a wonderful day! The first sunny day  of this month. So tired of these leaden clouds! All that I want to do in these dark days :sleepsleep, sleep, read, read, read sad books:)
But the sun returns to active life, hope there will be more days like this one!


  1. You look simply amazing! I wish I had your hair... Orange is one of my favourite colour lately, it's perfect shade for dark, november days.

  2. gorgeous outfit!!!! love the way your hair color goes with the rest ^^
    and your new header is beautiful, really like it a lot!!! :)

  3. волосы так играет со светом) красота))) оранжевый придает настроение даже к холодным дням)
    like it

  4. confident, colorful and beautifal,
    I think you need a strut song, your own strut song, any suggestions?
    love what the sun does to your hair it does to the vibrant trees in fall.
    we just had our first snow fall here in the peg.
    great post and keep cozy and warm!

  5. безумно нравится лук!
    добавим друг друга?

  6. ты шикарна
    а какой у тебя фотоаппарат?

  7. Сharles,you know how to write nice comment.
    First snow?Time to wear scarf and drink some tea!

  8. как ты думаешь брать лучше какой D5000,D5100,D3100.
    или вот как у тебя?

  9. OM!!you looks so pretty,, love your hair!!

  10. Hi, I came to know your blog, loved, and I'm following your blog!
    Congratulations for your Blog and much success for you here!

    I invite you to visit my blog and if you like and can also follow my blog, you will be welcome, feel at home!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  11. for Anonymous: ну 90 ближе к профессиональным камерам,и цена/качество соответствуют.Меня вообще больше интересовал выбор объектива)
    D5000,D5100,D3100 все таки ближе к любительским.Но многое зависит,что вы собираетесь снимать и тд

  12. while discovering your blog, i just fell in love with you, you're so amazing!

  13. the peg is what we cold miserable bastards here call Winnipeg for short. We are one of the coldest cities in the world. A Russian/Ukrainian winter is a walk in the park mid-autumn, we have another nickname being winterpeg. We are a myth, globally, polar bears are even afraid to come here. How's life on that side of the earth by-the-way?


  14. No Snow! No snow in Ukraine, it's so sorrowfully!I'm not even sure that it will be for the New Year/
    Two sides of the planet-two extremes!

  15. Just found your blog! Wish I came across is it sooner. Love your hair & fur boots!


  16. Hello, i just found you blog and gosh it's amazing! you're really pretty and i love the way you dress! I was wondering what was the brand and name of your green nail polish? xx

  17. how beautiful u are


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